Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 2010 Update

Once a month is all im going to be able to do for a while. You will see why as you read this blog!

First and foremost, yes i am alive, i am well. Ok well right now im sick from the lame utah dirty air. BUT, im functioning. I have been busy as a bee, Taking 14 credit hours for me is like taking 20 for the normal person. I am learning a lot, writing a lot, and whining a lot lol. Basically school life is insane but informative, and has taught me a lot already. Im adoring my Marriage and family relation class. My teacher is super insightful, and allows us to create our own opinions of life, thus helping us see weakness that we may have that would effect a marriage. It also allows me to see what a great person i am. Despite what my ex's might say, or other people that truly dont know me, or are just as messed up in the head lol. I have been working on a lot of things in my life recently. Mainly, my church dedication. Im so grateful for a loving father in heaven who understands my heart, and blesses me in ways he sees fit. Im receiving blessings i asked for months if not years ago. And i brings tears to my eyes how that works.

I also have been spending some time looking for a better job. As of now Best Buy is doing my drug testing, and background check. I hope to hear from them soon. Its nine dollars a hour, with 15 hours a week at least. Im hoping to get more. The best part of this is that i wont have to take 2 bus's just to get to work. One bus, and tracks. Not bad at all! Im excited. I also applied with Convergous to do their census work for 3 months. 14 a hour......that will start after school is out so im hoping to pick that up full time and do best buy part time, and make some decent money to toss into savings.

My friend Nicole and I are planning a trip to england in 2011. Im SOOOOOOOOO excited. I havent traveled ever really. I have a feeling after this trip i will have a travel bug!

Well that is all that is really going on. Ok not all, but all that i am going to mention so i dont taboo anything ;)