Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 months!

Man it has been over 2 months?! WHOOPS! Well lets see!

October was full of nothing really other then dating my now ex, November i found out i was going to be moving to Taylorsville in December...ya never doing moving in winter AGAIN! It was funny how once that feel into place things slowly just worked. I was living with a good friend and her hubby and baby....ya for most that would be weird...but since i have no family really was like living with my sister. I wouldn't of in a million years thought it was going to be as hard as it was to leave. It truly was like losing my family again. During sometime in November i broke up the ex the first time, it hurt like nothing i had EVER felt before..not even hurting my knee...there was a missing spot. Thanksgiving was good...i spent it with my now roommate and her sister. They both have been friends of mine since i was 8. My roommate is only 3 days younger then me so we always had a funky bond together....tried the living with her thing before.....i think we were too young. I decided to do my own Christmas presents this year. I got myself the full Twilight Saga! LOVE IT! and some perfume.

On December 20th, i made the move from Layton to felt....different but good. 3 Days later my roommate left to Michigan for Christmas. I stayed behind. Needless to say i have basically finished the last book in the Twilight Saga lol. I then was stupid and reunited with my now again ex. It was a good move though...I quickly realized i had the closure i needed. There was no feeling of love, anger, nothing...i was empty to him. I decided what was best and cut off for good all the communication we had. The phrase "Love is blind." i know for a fact is true. During the times we wern't together i was happy and different. When with him i felt always on edge and like the life was being sucked out of me. Not a way i want to spend eternity. :)

Upon moving to Taylorsville i decided to apply to SLCC. Of course they even let the dumbest of idiots in so i knew id be safe. I was tossing the idea of a full load this semester...but realized that my eyes were bigger then my brain. I needed to get back into school slowly. So i will take a Water aerobics class. Just to get into the swing of things, and probably institute. I decided that Photography was going to end up being a hobby not a just wouldn't provide for me when the going got tough. So i decided the medical field was the best option. My roommate told me about being a ultrasound tech. Basically i was sold. My goal is to work in a practice with pregnant women...showing a woman the fist glimpse of their bundle of joy will be the most gratifying thing ever for me. Sure there will be the moments ill have to inform the doctor i cant find the heartbeat and that will be the hardest moments of my life. But a good job to start.

There isn't much else going on other then that.....

I hope your holidays were happy!

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BeatlesDiva said...

Sounds like you've got a good start for the new year. Luvs and hugs!