Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A-Z & 1,2,3: Random Update of EVERYTHING!

Well lets see, where to start?

In December as many of you know i had what i can only discribe as a "Might Change" of life. It wasn't just my heart. It was EVERYTHING! I instantly fell in love with the feeling of peace i had in my life again. Since then there was a tiny bump but after that bump i quickly realized how Satan was going to work me. He was no longer going through men to get to me first. He was using my girl"friends". I use the word friends there lightly. Because im realzing that some of the people i thought i could trust the most i really can't. That makes me really sad. But, during this period of time i learned one major thing. The people that matter most in my life will stick with me through anything! The ones that don't stick with me, truly dont matter. And its very easy for me to be rid of them now. I just dont have time for their drama.

As i grew stronger in the church, i grew close to some of the members of the ward. I grew even closer to my bishopric. I saw all of them as my Dads. About a month ago they redid all the student wards in the SLC and Davis Counties. They redid boundries. And i lost my bishopric. It was the hardest Sunday of my life. I don't think i have ever cried that hard. I felt lost again. And that scared me. Thankfully my Heavenly Father knew what i needed more. My new ward is amazing! We do some of the funnest things! The bishopric is awesome. Their wives are amazing! AND i have a new calling. I teach Gospel Doctrine. You'd think that this calling would be easy for me since im outgoing. Last Sunday was my first Sunday teaching. I think i was sweating the whole time!!!!! NO JOKE!!! I was sooooo afraid!!!!!! The last thing i wanted to do was teach something wrong. I hear it went well though. Still scary.

As of now, things are going really well in life. There are things i wish were going better. But for now this is good enough! Thank you to everyone that kept me sane during this time without my laptop! lol i almost died not blogging and stuff!

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