Monday, May 9, 2011

Instant Connections Can Become Instant Failures

So anyone that knows me know that i wear my heart on my sleeve. This is not only the case for men, but women also. The number of girls that i trust with my secrets i can count on one hand. I do not connect to women fast. So when it happens I'm pretty much all in. That means that when a guy starts causing drama and making the girl sad i want to be there for her. I guess i should just not care so much and try to make sure they know I'm there for them. Because what happens usually is when i see the warning flags from the outside and i inform them, i then become the bad guy. And more times out of not I lose the friend. How this works for some women i don't know. I take to heart anything a girlfriend tells me about a guy. And usually they are right.

I am SOOOOOO done trusting people so easy. This was the last straw. It broke the camels back. I don't have time to invest in someone who wont talk to me about stuff and mend things with a man while removing me from their life. As if that is going to destroy me?. What happens? I usually do the same, and i don't look back anymore.

On happy news lol! I got a job and i love it. My ward changed, and i love it! I moved in with a new/old roommate almost 2 months ago and you guessed it, i LOVE it! Oh and I'm officially addicted to twitter. AND the official twitter page for the Red Sox is following me! WOOOT! Yes I'm THAT excited about this! lol

Life is good. In the midst of trials look for the silver lining. There always is one :)

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