Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday September 22nd Update!


Oh how i was i was in Hawaii where they say that!

Well, the job search continues. I think what I'm going to end up doing is going back to the bus job and working there till i get the post office job. I took the test for the post office on sat. Good stressful. I'm pretty sure i didn't pass...but who knows...miracles happen EVERY day! So until than ill just have a job that doesn't pay great and not a lot of hours...but its money right?!

Today i close my scentsy party order. Thanks to you of those that sacrificed your money in my behalf to order some amazing candles! I will be getting one 15 dollar item for free. And one half off item. So ill probably get another warmer for a cheap Christmas present for REAL good friends. And a lil bathroom plug in one for when i finally get my own place and stuff.....hahahahahhahahah shut up Lori! ( jk i love you)

Saturday was the first day i have drove in utah in like 2 years...FRICKEN scarey! no wonder utah drivers suck...its a fricken open book test to pass! i had so many idiots cutting me off....almost causing a accident in front of me. But I'm a lil wussy so i went like 5-10 under the speed limit the whole time lol....I feel like I'm fricken 16 again! But it feels good. Something about it makes me feel like a grown-up a lil more. Now once i get a decent job...get some school done..get a car...and get my bills paid off.....ill feel more like one.

For those of you wondering about me. Yep I'm alive...and I'm doing OK. Things are stressful...but its Gods way of proving he has a sense of humor and loves me dearly! Feel free to email me or call me anytime.

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