Friday, March 6, 2009

Read Along With TK!

I have noticed that many of my freinds might be a lil like me. Its hard to feel like you are doing something all alone. Thus, i have come up with a idea.

A Read-Along. We read the same area of scripture. Then we discuss it. I can add you to a MSN conversation. And we can go hog wild. If your in, just leave a comment. And then we can set up a time which might work best.

For tonight i decided to start raading D&C. Before i read i prayed that i would find something that i could apply to my life. Something that i could learn from and grow from. It amazed me that the first 3 sections of the Doctorine And Covidents are stronly about repentance, and how we should turn to God. And how we should fear God more then man. I love simple answers to prayers like this. It helps make my faith in this church grow stronger!

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