Saturday, March 7, 2009

Read Along With TK!

Sorry lack of posting late at night lol. Since i have started this latest endeavor I'm continually amazed with how the Lord is working with me. I have yet to mark at least a verse in each section of the Doctrine And Covenants. And now I'm on section 10. The Lord truly does answer prayers, gives blessings, and supports us in the things we stand in need of. He builds our faith by the small simple things in life. I'm so grateful for this transformation in my life. I'm so grateful for the peace and understanding of who i am that it has brought me. I see myself getting stronger and stronger daily. What was once something i never did cuz i felt i "had" to, now is something i long for in the morning and before bed. I have no nightmares since i have been reading and praying at night. And i have been less stressed before bed.

I did a experiment last night. I didn't read before bed, but i did do some highlighting while i watched a movie with my roommate. I tossed and turned for hours. I didn't end up finally getting tired enough to sleep till about 4 am. Last night was the only night since i have done this change that that has happened. Usually i'm out by 2 at the latest. I bare witness that the scriptures and prayer are very importatnt to our happiness and health. I thank my Lord and Savior for this amazing revelation. Without it, im sure my life would not be the same.

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