Friday, October 1, 2010

Bulling of all kinds breaks my heart.

I have sat and remained quiet about this long enough. I had the choice today to verbally attack someone or do a blog. I choose the blog lol.

It has come to my attention that bulling in America is growing. In its many forms it is becoming as Ellen said " a crisis ". Furthermore, the one we hear about most is gay & lesbian bulling. I do not plan to spend to much time on this aspect alone, but i will confront it a bit. First and foremost, it has GOT to stop. There are kids as young as 12 years old committing suicide because they are bullied so bad. This does NOT make them EMO like someone today has stated, it makes them human. These poor kids are slowly dying so much inside that they lose the motivation to keep going. They are hiding who they are because they are so afraid to interrupt their "perfect" family life that day by day they slowly get weaker. At what point did we as Americans become so cold hearted? Did i miss the transformation? It is appaling that people honestly dont care about this. Or if they do they are so ashamed what their friends will think of them if they make a stand. Well, I am not. IF i lose friends over this posting so be it. " Be who you are, those that matter dont mind. Those that mind dont matter"

First off here is a little background. I grew up in Michigan in a small town where i was one of the few Mormon kids. From 6th-8th grade i was abused verbally and physically by kids at my school daily. Why? Well it shouldn't be a shock to any of my friends im overweight, not like i can hide it lol. I was called fatso, cow, and many other absurd things. I was told i was a lesbian because i tried so hard to get all the girls to be my friend. I was pushed down flights of stares, cornered and poked and kicked. Most of all i ate alone at lunch daily. I had no friends. This went through to High School. Luckily it kinda tapered off a Lil bit. But not enough that it stopped. I was still called fat, ugly, and other things. Now why do i share this? Because i can relate to these kids. Wither they are being bullied cuz they are gay or straight, white or black, nerd or jock it must stop. We cant as Americans sit back and let it happen. We must band together and make a stand. How you ask?

A few months ago it was brought to my attention that i made a lot of gay jokes, i had heard these jokes from people that were gay. I figured it did no harm until recently. I am was a bully, sure i wasnt saying them jokes to hurt anyone but i still laughed. As i look back it saddens me that i was exactly what i am complaining about at one time. I didnt accept people that were gay or nerds, or anything all the time. In fact at one time the Gay environment made me REALLY uncomfortable. I didnt like that it did, so i did the one thing that would change that. I educated myself about it. Now i am open minded to it. I can be around them, i can love them, and i WILL defend them. Being gay or lesbian is not a disease it is a lifestyle just like being Mormon, Catholic, or a Sport freak. These people feel just as strongly about what they believe in as any of those others do. But yet, do we see people getting killed anymore because they are Mormon or Catholic? No. Because we have accepted that it wont change them. As we need to do with the Gay and Lesbian community.

In ending, im not asking anyone that reads this to all of a sudden be for Gay rights. Im not asking everyone to lobby up and go hit the pavement. Im simply asking everyone to watch what you say, you might be that person that thinks their words are harmless. However you also might be that persons final blow. Just think about it.

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