Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Facts Vs Fiction Part 2

What an eventful evening! I have never cried so much, never smiled so much, never felt so much support. Thank you to everyone that was there including my Cousin Chris who made my mind rest, my heart full, and my brain ready to go again!

I have decided NOT to post anything more on this topic against my dear loving Boyd K Packer. I have decided there is no reason for it. What it comes down to is 2 things. Love & Acceptance of PEOPLE. I will talk about both of these briefly and then put this topic to rest.

For just a few hours i felt attacked, unloved, alone, and unhappy. Some of the people i thought the world of were throwing punches at me for different reasons. I was told i was going to hell because i supported Gay Rights. I was told I was insensitive because i believed in and supported and sustained Boyd K Packer. In a way you could say i was bullied correct? I was bullied by the people that were complaining they were bullied by Elder Packer. These people were taking jabs at him saying that he was probably harassed for his last name and hates gays now, saying that he probably overcame being gay. Seriously? Were you NOT just complaining about how what he said could cause bullying and yet you did it to him? Hypocritical? Hell (pardon my french), I am doing the same thing right now! Point is im doing it to prove a point. What good does fighting about something we know will NEVER change on either end do? (I will get to this later) We must love. "Turn the other cheek". Love thy neighbor as thyself. No one said that Mormons had to agree with Same sex marriage or Gay rights. No one said the Gay & Lesbian Community should agree with what the LDS church believes. But believing in God or not, loving each other IS the answer.

Accepting and loving each other go hand in hand. I dont agree with people that smoke, yet i dont walk around taking their cigarettes and burning them against their foreheads yelling "CANCER STICK" (even though times it IS tempting!). This will bring me to the final point. We need to accept one another. The LDS church is NOT going to change its stance on Gay Marriage or Rights. The Gay and Lesbian Community is not going to just disappear. So at some point, we are either going to have to get along and accept and love each other as PEOPLE. Or we can keep seeing what happened to these beautiful 3 young men happen over and over. I vote to love and accept each other.

How do you vote?

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