Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A heartfelt thank you....

Within the last 2 months I have heard from more than one of my guy friends something like this..."Well i'm not getting younger, its time to start a family so i just decided to commit. She gets me. Its just hard for me to fall in love." This actually is starting to scare me. How many men out there honestly feel this is smart? How many think that a few years down the road when there are little lives involved that this will be easy for them? How many TRULY feel good about committing to someone in a marriage when you are not IN LOVE with them? This makes me sick to think men truly do this! And it sure as heck makes me more guarded now.

For all you men in my life that are REAL, HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY, LOVING, and KIND. Thank You. Many of you that are now my really good friends were once a crush, or a person i was dating. I am grateful for you men that were honest with me from the VERY start of our relationship that you didn't see yourself getting married, having kids, so on. It allowed me to trust you very early in the game. And that means that when im having a hard time it is you that will be the advice i take from. Not the men that are "doing what they should". To those men, you are idiots if you honestly think that down the road she wont figure it out. Women IF they use their minds more than heart are smart enough to tell when a man loves them or not. They are smart enough to tell when a man just "needs time" or when they are just going through the steps the world sees fit to call steps. And when that happens, i pray to heaven that you have not shared your seed and created life. That poor child deserves a 2 parent home of LOVE.

To all the women in the world who are honestly wondering "Does he love me?", ask him. And then ask him why he loves you. IF you don't feel like the answers are heartfelt or worth the possible pain that its a game for him then leave his butt now before you get hurt more. You deserve to be respected and loved. And if he cant do that, than HE is not worth your time.

Also, for all you man "friends" who keep insisting that if a man likes you he will ALWAYS make a move, bugger off. Just so you know not all men are game players, some truly truly are just not prepared to enter a commitment like marriage as fast as those that "feel its time".

That is all.

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