Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strength, Faith, Fear.

Dear World,

Please do not mistake my strength for fear and vice versa. There is a drastic difference between the two. I will explain this to you now. Fear is something that we allow ourselves to hang onto. It is something that we know is there and can feel it eating away our happiness, positivity, and sanity. Fear is something that when one gets comfortable with life they just let happen. It is something that many people use as an excuse. "This wont work because im so afraid of getting hurt", "I cant do this im to afraid" and the worst "Im so afraid of being alone." Fear is a bad 4 letter f word that so many use in their lives that the 5 letter F word can sometimes seem impossible. Faith. Faith trumps fear, it allows you to feel positive, happy, and keeps you sane. It is not something that can be forced upon you. It is something you have to allow in. You have to choose to feel it.

Faith is the icing on the cake called Strength. Strength is confused with fear all of the time. People say that the people who are afraid of some things are just to strong. This is not so. More often than not, Strength comes from having faith that things will be ok. When someone is afraid they usually are not being strong. They are letting things in that shouldnt be there. However, sometimes being afraid can lead to being strong.

In, conclusion it would be much easier on us dear world, if you would stop plastering the media with people who are afraid of things like commitment, love, and happiness that have this big MOMENT and end up with all 3. It causes men to just remind women like me that Hollywood is screwing up our lives! :)

Love, Me

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