Friday, January 1, 2010

Live. Laugh. Love.

As a new year for me begins, i look back on this last year. There were many changes, heartbreaks, and struggles. For a short time i was saddened by these things. However, as i sat and thought more about them i realized what a blessing they were. I know with all my heart that who i am right this min is because of who i choose to be in the past. These things in this past year have impacted my greatly, good or bad. Therefore forgetting about them or wishing they were different just removes the reason i was sent here to earth.

There are many of my friends i look up to. As i write this blog there is one person who stands out in my mind. He is so positive, strong, diligent, humble, dedicated to whats right, and just a all around great person. I value him as a friend greatly, because there are many updates of his life that inspire me. He has a profound view of the "whole picture" of life. And i know without a doubt he was placed in my life this year to possibly "help me make it through". For this i am grateful.

For those that i don't talk to on a weekly bases that have NO idea what is going on in my life heres a update. Last Aug i started school again at a community college here in Utah. Something i have postponed far to long. What a experience that was! I switched from major to major not knowing what i wanted to do. I ended up taking a communications class that i really don't need now because of the switch of majors. I learned more about myself in this single class than i have in all the years alive! I'm grateful for that.

I'm also currently waitressing at a sports bar here in Utah. I love my job to death, the pay could be better though lol. I love meeting new people, having interesting short conversations, and the feeling i get when they ask to sit in my area whenever they come back. It just proves the direct impact you can have on someones life.

In conclusion for this blog, i would like to share one simple thought. It is my honest opinion that if we as humans Lived our lives with laughter and love the world would be a better place. Far to many times even in my own life i notice i take things much to serious. It is fairly easy to fall into this vicious cycle we call "real life" that we forget to live, laugh, and love. It is my hope that in this new 2010 year that i can Live more, Laugh often, and Love always.

Much Love

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