Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is honestly my 2010 theme. I'm so sick of "friends" and others adding drama to my life. I have a hard enough time as a woman with the drama i personally create than to let others bring some with them. SAY NO TO DRAMA! The biggest issue is with Communication, not just men have this issue. People in general do not know how to communicate. They have the foot in the mouth disease. Think before you talk people! Given I'm just as guilty, but at least i catch on after a few seconds! And is it just me or do men not know how to communicate? The biggest thing i notice is they feel if they just ignore you, or if they just shrug things off that we will "get the hint". How about they just man up and grow a pair? Tell us how the heck you feel! Sure it might hurt, but it sure is heck of a lot easier on us than making us GUESS! You cant read our mind, so we cant read yours right? Alas, i love them. In spite of all the broken promises I've had from more than a few, i love men. And one day i will find the one that i will love more than anything, even if i might get frustrated with him daily lol. Venting over!

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